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The Weight Loss Clinic HypnoSlim Classes

Start off 2020 in Great Shape by investing in our 10 Week Hypnoslim Class delivered by The Weight Loss Clinic Irelands Leading Provider of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.

Each class is 90 minutes which is divided into a Weight Loss Education and Assessment before we spend the next 60 Minutes using the powerful effects of Professional Hypnotherapy to help you lose Weight the Easy Way.
Hypnotherapy is one of the most proven ways to lose those extra pounds and keep them off.

Unlike diets or counting points and the pain you experience when you fall of the diet wagon, allow your subconscious mind to enter a trance state where you can be guided to change your eating lifestyle, remove bad habits and love losing weight by programming your mind for change, losing Weight becomes enjoyable rather than having to rely on Will Power which is short lived for many.

What you can expect from this 10-week Weight Loss Class for our Hypnoslimmers.


Using the Most Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques you can enjoy the following Benefits

The Benefits

  • Making a Decision to Change your Relationship with Food
  • Portion Control & Eating in line with your Stomach Size
  • Speed of Eating and the Art of Slowing Down
  • Using your Teeth & Chewing Your Food
  • Working with your Appetite and Becoming Friends with your appetite
  • Learn to Stop Eating when your get a feeling of Satisfaction
  • Removing the Desire for Sugary Foods & Drinks
  • Removing the Desire for Greasy, Stodgy, Fatty Foods
  • Learn to Stop Using Food for Emotional Reasons
  • Removing the Pain of the Diet Mentality
  • Access to MP3’s for Weight Loss Reinforcement
  • Group Support
  • Online Support

What you need to Bring?

Bring your Commitment

An Exercise Matt & a pillow for Comfort (You will be lying down for the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy)


Each Class can hold up to 25 Attendee’s so it’s advisable to book early or in advance.  The Weight Loss Clinic Hypnoslim Classes are unique as they are the only Weight Loss Classes Using the Power of Professional hypnotherapy.  By Changing and reprogramming your mind you can change Body shape Easily & Effortlessly.